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HOCCO Eatery and 1944 The HOCCO Kitchen

HOCCO's legacy goes all the way back to 1944 when our founder Satish Chona started off an ice-cream parlour under the name of Have More in Karachi in colonial India. He migrated to India post-Partition, carrying along his love for good food and great innovation. Soon, Ahmedabad saw India's first ever Have More restaurant and ice-cream parlour, which later transformed to the iconic brand of Havmor.

In 2017, South Korean conglomerate Lotte Confectionery acquired the Havmor ice-cream business for ₹1,020 crore. Subsequently, the Chona family rebranded their restaurant business to HOCCO Eatery, HOCCO being the abbreviation of House of Chonas Collaborative. HOCCO Eatery now has over 50 fast-casual eateries across eight cities in India and one in Virginia, USA — all offering a menu of comfort food classics. The parent company HRPL also runs Huber & Holly — a freshly churned ice-cream brand with 15 stores across six cities — and 1944 The HOCCO Kitchen that has over 15 casual dining restaurants offering north Indian cuisine.

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Hocco RTE

After dishing out delicious meals in restaurants for decades, we decided to get the flavour power to your home too. The HOCCO RTE business kicked off in the pandemic when most of us had no choice but to figure our own meals at home, and has only grown ever since. From our signture Chana Masala to decadent meetha like Gulab Jamun and comfort foods like Dal Chawal, our ready-to-eat range means that all you need to do is heat, eat, and enjoy.

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