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New-Age Culture: Embrace innovation, diversity, and creativity as a vital part of our vibrant team, driving the future of ice cream.
Exposure Beyond Compare: Immerse yourself in a world of entrepreneurship, industry experts, and diverse customers, fueling your growth beyond limits.
Versatility in Roles: Explore multiple facets of our business, from flavors to operations, gaining a well-rounded skill set and enriching experiences.
Cross-Functional Collaboration: Unite with colleagues from various departments, fostering innovation, swift problem-solving, and a strong sense of unity.
Healthy Work Culture: Prioritize your well-being with work-life balance, open communication, and resources for physical and mental wellness.
Growth Opportunities: Elevate your journey through continuous learning, leadership roles, and the chance to evolve with our expanding brand.
Employee Engagement Activities: Enjoy ice cream tastings, team events, and camaraderie-building activities that make your time at HOCCO unforgettable.
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Ahmedabad, Sydney
Part Time
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