We are more than an Ice Cream Brand
But ice cream will always be our first love
We are
We've ventured where few have and done what none have for the past 75 years, all in an attempt to make your days sweeter
We are
So, we understand that sometimes, the right balance of crazy flavours might just be what's needed
We are
Conjuring up a world where ice cream rules and everybody drools

Our Legacy

Crafting Traditions, One Flavourful Legacy at a Time

Our Journey

How it all started

Satish Chona a then engineer with BOAC, starts his entrepreneurial journey in Karachi (then part of India)

The first store that still exists

Post-partition and after moving multiple cities, Satish Chona finally settles in Ahmedabad, and after years of hustling, he finally opens the first QSR outlet at Relief Road, Ahmedabad.

First casual dine in restaurant in Baroda

In the span of 30 years Chona Family started making a name for themselves as a brand serving great quality food and ice cream, thus resulting in the launch of its first casual dine-in restaurant.

Pradeep Chona, Satish Chona’s son, takes over the management

He commissions a one-of-a-kind ice cream factory in Ahmedabad, expanding the scale of production, while maintaining the trademark, innovation, capabilities and quality.

The first central kitchen is commissioned

This move standardizes the operations and scales the footprints of the QSR and the restaurant business, while maintaining taste and consistency.

Ankit Chona, Pradeep Chona’s son, starts the first franchisee operations

After pursuing a degree from Purdue and working with Panera bread, Ankit Chona, along with beginning the first franchisee operations, also expands the ice cream business into the neighbouring states of Gujarat.

Selling of the ice cream business

The Chonas sell their 100% stake in the Ice cream business to a south Korean Company and shifted their focus to their existing food service business and several new ventures.

Hocco – A new journey

With complete focus now on the food business, the Chonas now expanded their legacy food service business by launching a new brand called “Hocco” which stands for House of Chonas Collaborative.

HOCCO gains momentum with 100+ outlets in India

Aiming to serve its authentic recipes with a twist to new-age customers who crave delicious Indian food, HOCCO gains momentum in India and also enters the USA with its first-ever QSR outlet in Virginia.


HOCCO ice cream brand takes its first sweet step into the world.

Our Products

HOCCO ice cream brand takes its first sweet step into the world.

Our Products

Our Culture

Ice Cream is Better With Everyone

We believe that great ice cream moments happen when people come together. That’s why our people are at heart of everything we do - the people who make the ice creams, serve them and eat them

The Power of ‘Acchai, Sacchai & Safai’

We don’t put anything into our ice creams that we wouldn’t love to eat ourselves or share with our families. ‘Acchai & Sacchai’ are values we have inherited and those that guide us.

Arms Wide Open

We aim to be an arms-wide-open brand for everyone - from the way we price our products to the environments we strive to create in our parlours. No one should ever feel like they don’t belong.